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Fall Offerings from Model Schools

Our fall catalog will be released the first week in October!

Over the summer we expanded our robot kits to increase availability and offer the best experience possible.  We will also be debuting the newest edition to our robot family, Lego WeDo 2.0, later this season!

We have had lots of fun learning and playing Breakout EDU and exploring with Google Expeditions!  Now we are rolling out these new resources to our districts!

Breakout!  Breakout EDU Game Session:  October 27th
For this session, you are simply a participant in a Breakout game! Come and work alongside fellow educators to solve a puzzle and gain experience with this type of learning activity. The best way to understand the Breakout EDU excitement is to come and be part of the game!
Games (Participant’s Choice) – 
A science game, recommended for ages 5-10 
A general interest game, recommended for age 13+ 
Remember that games can be modified, so there is flexibility here!

Breakout EDU Basics:  November 14th
This session is for those who wish to facilitate a game in their classroom for the first time. We will go over best practices, instructional benefits, preparation, tips and tricks, and how the different pieces of the kit work. We will also go over how to borrow a Breakout EDU kit from NERIC.  Participants must have first played a game, and this course is required to borrow the kit.

Explore with Expeditions!  September 27th or October 23rd
Come and take a journey using virtual reality headsets and Google Expeditions! This will be a hands-on session with teachers as Explorers! You will learn how Expeditions work, what technology is involved, where to find resources, and how to integrate Expeditions into your curriculum. You will also learn the process for signing up to use Google Expeditions in your classroom.

For more information, contact Hilary Dee at 518-862-5321.