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NERIC’s Model Schools Team:

Lisa Ruud

Lisa Ruud
Managing Coordinator, Instructional Services NERIC eLearning
Educator, instructional technologist, coach, sees the forest and the trees, driven by the quest, tough mudder.
(518) 862-5391 (office)
(518) 410-9979 (cell)

Areas of specialization:
Instructional Design in Traditional and Virtual Spaces
Virtual Advanced Placement
Google Apps for Education
Instruction Technology Integration
Research, Innovative Projects & Pilots



Hilary Dee
Model Schools Coordinator
Wife, mother, instructional technology trainer, e-Learning Team member with passion for new technologies and Web 2.0 tools, robot companion.
(518) 862-5321 (office)

Areas of specialization: 
Model Schools

Google Expeditions
Breakout EDU



Sara Gavens, Program Coordinator II/Instructional Services
Provider of educational technology integration and training K-12, former elementary school teacher.
(518) 862-5322 (office)

Areas of specialization:
Curriculum and Assessment Technology Services

Administrative Services
Social Media



Steve Janover, Program Coordinator II/Instructional Services
Blackboard Administrator. Microsoft Office Innovator.
(518) 862-5324 (office)

Areas of specialization:
Blackboard Learning Management System Administration

Instructional Design in Virtual Spaces
Office 365
Common Set of Learning Objectives (CSLO) services



Colin Strainge, Program Coordinator/Instructional Services
Educator — an educated mind is the key to life success. Outdoor enthusiast — grew up playing outdoors, still love it.
(518) 862-5320 (office)

Areas of specialization: 
Virtual Spaces- Credit Accrual and Recovery

Blended and Flipped Classrooms

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