The essence of the maker movement is a desire to develop a problem solving mindset in education.  The skill theme that ties the disparate aspects of the maker movement together is; “How do we teach students to identify meaningful problems and then either collect or develop the resources to improve/resolve the problem?” Through the use of robots and coding in the classroom we overlay a series of “problems” (how do we make the robot do what we want it to do) related to core curriculum assignments.  The same is true in traditional maker environments. (I need a shelf to put things on- How do I assemble the tools, skills, resources needed to build the shelf to resolve my problem?).


Make Magazine – Projects and ideas for makers

Lewis and Clark Makerspace – Getting started information for schools

Maker Ed – Online resource library

Instructables – Classes and instructions for all kinds of projects

Tinkerlab – Activites for all ages

All3DP – “All About 3D Printing”

Makey Makey Labz – Lessons for Makey Makey invention kits


3D Design Tools: